KAWS x sacai x Blazer Low ‘Team Red’ Casual Shoes Under 100

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 Model NoDM7901-600

 The KAWS x sacai x Blazer Low ‘Team Red’ upper is designed to give your feet great comfort and coolness. Appearance design is easy to wear, easy and flexible to make your feet extremely light. Simple color matching design, fashionable and versatile.

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    The addition of KAWS x sacai x Blazer Low 'Team Red' KAWS is mainly reflected in the color matching. Casual Shoes Under 100 The color matching is highly similar to the style of KAWS's works, just like extending the art under the feet. In addition, there is an embossed Logo with the word "XX" on the midsole of the front of the shoe body, indicating its special identity. Casual Shoes Like Converse The unique and eye-catching color matching is based on Abe's iconic stacked structure, incorporating an exclusive color-contrast design for the shoe. Retro Shoes Fashion The color matching is inspired by KAWS' "URGE" series of paintings, and uses lasers on the midsole of the left and right feet. Trainer Shoes Reviews The craftsmanship is embellished with KAWS' signature "XX" pattern. Track Shoes Academy This time, KAWS draws on Abe's concept of harmony and abstraction, and brings this Blazer Low x sacai into a new aesthetic realm through a unique perspective of vitality and boldness.

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